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“Creating places of power through aesthetics and beauty…” Interior architecture for a sense of inner peace


Clients value our holistic approach as we recognize that living and working greatly impacts our physical health as well as our emotional state of mind. That is why we combine timeless and discreet luxury with health and well-being in our projects.


Our interior design is based on three essential areas, which are in balance with each other and which we include in our work. The local and cultural conditions of the location, our personal demands on design as well as the person in his entire personality.

About us

We are an international company based in Vienna and Palma de Mallorca and have specialized in high-quality interior design for private properties, boutique hotels and the design and restructuring of corporate workspaces.


Our projects are based on tactile natural materials and an associated timeless design, where the human senses are felt through the physical experience of space as well as through textures and light. Our work is characterized by functionality and durability without having to forego beauty and aesthetics. The projects presented below represent a small selection of our portfolio and are intended to manifest our passion for sophisticated design.


  • Viena

    Kutschkergasse 44/7
    1180 Vienna

  • Palma de Mallorca
    from 01.10.2023

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