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In all our work, the focus is on the customer as a person. Therefore, it is a matter of the heart for us to lead every person in their living or working area to where they feel comfortable.

Unsere Innenarchitektur beruht auf drei wesentlichen Bereichen, welche zueinander in Balance stehen und welche wir in unsere Projekte mit einbeziehen. Die örtlichen und kulturellen Gegebenheiten der Immobilie, unser persönlicher Anspruch an Design sowie der Mensch in seiner gesamten Persönlichkeit.

01 Capture

The Workshop

We go into detail about the personal needs and wishes of our customers as well as the current condition of the existing property or property under construction. A joint workshop forms the basis of our work.

02 Shape

The Design Planning

Based on architectural plans or personal ideas, we deal with the cubatures and geometries of the rooms and create the first drafts from them. Balanced vanishing lines, room geometries and room transitions are the basis of good interior design and a key quality feature of our work.

03 Sense

The Energetic Spatial Dialogue

The identity, the condition and the energetic condition of the property are important for us.

We analyze geomantic faults, lines of force, geomagnetic rays and water veins and take them into account in our creative work and when furnishing the rooms.

Energy flows allow an optimal development of the potential of the room energies. This is how we create the basis for vitality, health and well-being in all rooms.

04 Designing

The Concept Planning

Beauty, aesthetics and elegance in interior design are the central themes in floor plan planning, in views and sections of room and furnishing situations. The mood board with harmoniously overlapping material samples and surfaces illustrates custom-made products and selected pieces of furniture from high-quality production in factories known to us.

05 Construction

The Implementation Planning

Based on the concept planning, the implementation planning with technical details and constructions is created.

Fireplace, door elements, kitchen, bathrooms and much more. are brought to life.

The implementation planning contains further work from structural engineers or approval procedures and expertise from specialist planners, which we then include in our team.

06 Implementation

Construction Support

In the implementation phase, we accompany and coordinate all trades involved on the construction site and generate a construction schedule for all trades.

Our responsibility includes all communication, as well as monitoring the design and quality guidelines, so that our planning and our designs are fully adhered to and correctly implemented.


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