We provide service to builders from the first creative discussions, through the technical implementation planning, to the completion of the project.

Our studio strives for a holistic approach to all of our projects. We accompany our builders on a professional and cordial level, from the first idea to the completion of the project.

We work towards solutions, build or identify a unique piece of furniture to complete the environment.

Design draft

  • Draft planning with first proposed solutions in the floor plan
  • Sketches and project-specific illustrations
  • Mood images to define first styles

Energetic analysis

  • Determination of space qualities and energy flows
  • Geomantic and radiesthetic analysis of energetic imprints
  • Historical data analysis of places
  • Harmonizing measures for a peaceful living environment

Concept planning

  • Development of spatial functions and lines of sight
  • Furnishing concept with pre-selection of products and custom-made products
  • Color and material suggestions

Execution planning

  • Technical implementation planning with floor plan and views
  • Technical development of custom-made products
  • Material and color samples for final surface design
  • Ordering of furniture and assignments to trades

Construction supervision

  • Creative direction in the construction process until completion
  • Internal coordination with external trades
  • Review and approval of work plans and cost control of external trades
  • Ordering, delivery and assembly

Art & decoration

  • Advice and suggestions for art categories and styles
  • Creation of art concepts in coordination with the budget framework and interior concept
  • Art acquisition, transport as well as hanging and placement on site
  • Decoration of interior design projects


  • Studio Vienna

    Kutschkergasse 44/7
    1180 Vienna

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