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Studio Passmani is a Vienna-based international interior architecture studio highlights on intuitive and holistic interior design for private residences, boutique hotels and workspaces.
The studio is delivering projects from concept design through to completion and combines timeless design and luxury along with health and well-being.
Our mission

Our mission

In uncertain and demanding times of the 21st century, the need for society to retreat and center our lives is increasing.

An increasing demand for quality interior design has driven us to provide peace, refuge and comfort in exclusive environments.

Our environment can be a source of inspiration that comes from a variety of influencing factors. Living space design is a combination of aesthetics, function and senses, all working in harmony.


Our work is based on the natural elements of this world and is therefore the basis for creating better living spaces.

wood | stone | marble | textiles | glass | metal

The shapes, lines, materials, textures and colors we select ultimately shape the mood and enhance well-being and presence in the room.

“Space energy is created from interior design.”
Space energy

Space energy

During the planning phase, we pay attention to the historical data of the location, the quality of the space and the influence of energy in the room. We continue this process in the furnishings.

Sustainable materials and surfaces complement our holistic interior design.

“We create living spaces with power so that people can recharge their batteries and use them for the benefit of others.”
Juergen Deimbacher

Contemporary art & accessories

Visual art and sculptures is an integral part of our projects. All our lovingly selected works come from well-known and valued artists from around the world. They are part of the entire experience and thus contribute to a positive attitude towards life.

“Finding the right artwork is always a unique journey through different cultures. Every work is something special and invites you to linger every day.”
Alexandra Schafer
Contemporary art & accessories


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