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Studio Passmani

Clients value our holistic and energetic approach to thinking, as we understand that live and work greatly impacts our physical health as well as our emotional state of mind. That is why we combine timeless and discreet luxury with health and well-being in our projects.
Our mission

Our mission

In uncertain and demanding times of the 21st century, the need for society to retreat and center our lives is increasing.

This gives rise to our claim to create places of power in which to leave everyday life behind and find peace and refuge in rooms.

We recognize special places in space and the associated sources of inspiration. Therefore, for us, the design and implementation of living and working spaces is a combination of aesthetics and beauty as well as high-quality materials and senses, which must be brought into harmony with people.


Our passion combines all natural materials in this world and their high-quality craftsmanship into beautiful things. That’s why we only work with the best manufacturers and craftsmen.

wood | stone | marble | textiles | glass | metal

The shapes, room proportions and lines, materials, textures and colors we select ultimately shape the positive energy and enhance well-being and presence in the room.

“Space energy created by interior design.”
Space energy

Space energy

During the planning phase, we pay attention to the historical data of the location, the quality of the space and the influence of energy in the room. We continue this process in the furnishings.

“We create living spaces with power so that people can recharge their batteries and use them for the benefit of others.”
Juergen Deimbacher

Contemporary art & accessories

Visual art and sculptures is an integral part of our projects. All our lovingly selected works come from well-known and valued artists from around the world. They are part of the entire experience and thus contribute to a positive attitude towards life.

“Finding the right piece of artwork for a project is like a personal journey through different cultures.”
Contemporary art & accessories


  • Vienna

    Kutschkergasse 44/7
    1180 Vienna

  • Palma de Mallorca
    from 01.10.2023

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