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Rooftop Apartment Josefstadt Vienna

High up in the roofs of Vienna

The client bought an existing attic apartment and entrusted us with the task of completely rethinking the room concept in accordance with his individual needs. This visionary initiative culminated in a major refurbishment where we removed all interior walls to make way for an entirely new, bespoke living layout.

The need for a harmonious combination of function and aesthetics led to the development of a comprehensive concept in a new, contemporary style. By removing barriers and redesigning the space, we managed to create a seamless and open ambience that reflects our client’s individual lifestyle.

  • Services
    Concept planning including new room dimensions. Definition of material and color surfaces. Execution planning bathroom and toilet. Construction supervision. Furnishing.
  • Location
    Vienna | Austria
  • Completion


  • Vienna

    Kutschkergasse 44/7
    1180 Vienna

  • Palma de Mallorca
    from 01.10.2023

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