Bungalow Lower Austria

Detached house in foothill oft the Alps

It was only a few years after completion of the shell construction that the builders were able to take the time to complete their new home and commission our team with the conception and the entire implementation planning. Most of the life in the house takes place on the ground floor. It was therefore our primary goal to connect the large garden area with the pool with the interior in the best possible way, in order to perceive the transition from inside to outside as unobtrusively as possible.

Due to the large number of ground-level windows, energy blockers inside prevent the energy from being released into the building. The inner core of the house, which also houses the lift to the upper floor, is wrapped in wood paneling and thus forms the anchor and the energetic grounding of the house.

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    Concept and technical implementation planning. Energy analysis. Selection of all materials and furniture. Design of special pieces of furniture. Lighting design. Furnishing. Construction supervision


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